What is Gold Fingers PCB

As printed before, the term "Gold-finger PCB” is employed to consult with gold-plated connectors mounted at the interconnecting edges of a fringe PCB. different names to decision a Gold finger PCB abe re a Gold connection, Edge connection, Edge-Board connection, connection Finger, Contact Fingers, Gold faucets or Gold Tips.

It is potential you too might need interacted with Gold Fingers PCBs within the past. Wait, are you able to keep in mind interacting with a group of shiny wanting, finger-like projections on the sides of a change of integrity finish of a peripheral circuit board? Aha! that is what i'm talking concerning here. They agree fingers within the sense that they appear skinny and elongated at the contact edges of a PCB. Gold Fingers square measure typically fitted onto the sides of fringe PCBs or epitome boards to boost property with larger boards.

The edge connectors (i.e., gold fingers) also are plaited with flash gold (hard gold) with a thickness that varies between 3u’ and 50u’ (units in small Inches).

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Why Gold Plaiting is critical For Gold Fingers PCB

Primarily, PCB affiliation points square measure subject to constant plugging and unplugging due to their nature of interconnecting PCBs. Hence, while not a robust contact edge, they're at risk of wear-and-tear which will cause device out of whack. The act of plaiting the connectors with different metals (in this case gold) is finished to boost the sturdiness of the sting connectors. 

But i'm certain you may have wondered: of all metals, why ought to edge connectors be gold-plated? Isn’t gold too expensive? Couldn’t copper conduct higher and be a great deal cheaper than Gold? Well, I actually have associate degree answer: certain, gold plating of gold fingers is pricey, however it's necessary.

Gold was chosen over different metals as a result of to this point, gold has verified to possess high corrosion resistance, high electrical conduction (second to copper and silver) and will be alloyed with metallic element or nickel to extend its resistance to wear-and-tear. Earlier experiments that were done to determine the resistance of gold vis-à-vis its resistance and compared to different standard metals showed that gold had a lower resistance than different metals as shown in Table one below. 

Gold is additionally inert. It doesn't oxidize or react without delay with different metals. This property of gold builds it a perfect option to make the components that square measure at risk of be exposed or doubtless to react with different metals. although silver is typically helpful, it's not counseled for business productions as silver is vulnerable to chemical compound and chloride attacks.